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Background and overview:

Small towns should not ever choose to fight battles they cannot possibly hope to win. Broxburn cannot compete with city centre department stores, out of town hypermarkets or multiplex cinemas. When local people want these facilities they will travel to Livingston or other nearby towns to find them. The lesson from many recent case studies is that successful small towns differentiate themselves from large city centres and regional shopping/leisure centres by offering an experience that the other places cannot replicate. The best small towns have:

  1. A core of respected high street chains complemented by an array of high quality independent and speciality shops. People will make a special trip to visit these shops because they offer unique products and personal service. In West Lothian there is a growing demand for locally sourced and organic food products.
  2. An attractive and well-maintained public realm. People enjoy the character and scale of smaller towns, but they also expect to see evidence of civic pride, with well-maintained buildings, streets and parks.
  3. A choice of good places to eat and drink, ranging from coffee shops and bars, to gastro-pubs and restaurants.
  4. A regular programme of events and festivals to attract day visitors and tourists. The Gala Day is a remarkable community enterprise and a huge draw for visitors, but it needs to be complemented by a year- round programme of smaller scale events. This model has been used successfully elsewhere, in Broxburn itself we have recently seen the proven results from the Christmas Events, Olympic Torch welcome and the Commonwealth Baton Event.
  5. Arts, crafts and culture can also be popular attractions. Visitors do enjoy seeing artists and craft people at work. The presence of artists at work adds vitality to a town and encourages new forms of retailing and enterprise.
  6. Successful small town centres have a diverse economic base; business and professional services, civic functions, public services, culture and leisure activities. These all help to keep the town centre at the heart of the life of the community and to generate year-round footfall and vitality.
  7. Lively and active community life. Visitors to small towns want an authentic experience in contrast to the sanitised commercial environments of many city centre streets and shopping centres; they enjoy seeing - and taking part in - local traditions and events.

Whilst the local council itself, and via the town management groups, have made in-roads on many of the subjects above, there is still much to be done to address points 1, 3, 5 & 6 above. These, in some way or another, involve dabbling in the commercial side of things and are perceived (perhaps wrongly) as interfering in a “free market”.

Listening to local shopkeepers the biggest issue is reduced footfall (and therefore spending), listening to local residents the biggest issues are lack of variety and of value. Our proposal to help address this is simply to look at a marketing campaign twinned with the work done on the infrastructure to date and of that planned. At the head of this campaign our new grant to help attract new businesses into the town(s) should provide variety and a better sense of being. This, together with the other grants currently available and other improvement measures currently under way, will provide a very strong incentive for attracting new businesses into the area.

Basically, we need to encourage new businesses out of their homes and onto the Main Streets and we need to encourage specialist small chains to set up there. This in turn would encourage more shoppers onto our Main Streets.

The Grant Scheme:

This grant scheme is designed to support new or existing small businesses not currently operating in Broxburn or Uphall who wish trade in “the area” and take occupation of empty shop premises. The area is defined as East Main Street, Goschen Place, Greendykes Road, Station Road and West Main Street, Broxburn also East Main Street and West Main Street Uphall.

The business must be operated from commercial premises and open to the public full-time – at least 35 hours per week and must not have already received a grant from us.

The business must be unique to the town, i.e. provide goods or services not already offered exclusively by an existing business. Any application that is deemed to be in a market area that is considered to be in existence and saturated will not be approved by the deciding committee.

The intended use of the grant will cover the following areas:-
• Support in contributions to rental costs over a determined period of 6 months
• Contribution towards internal shelving, displays and other agreed shop-fitting costs.
• Contribution towards initial short-term publicity material and advertising costs.
It should be noted that there are other grants available for external shop front improvements, shop security and replacement of shop solid metal roller shutters via West Lothian Council. A link to the details of these other grants is provided on our news page.
If you would like to know more about this scheme an application pack can be downloaded here:-    (PDF format).

The Area and Future Development:

The Broxburn area is one of many Core Development Areas (CDA's) within West Lothian. This means that in principle land areas have been identified in the Local Plan for future development requiring a full range of services including education, leisure, retail, open space, health, employment and civic uses and based on sustainable development principles.

Current and planned developments include:-
Ex Vion Foods Site190 new homes currently under construction, due for completion summer 2018
Kirkhill, Broxburn230 new council homes under construction, first phase nearing completion and remainder due for completion late 2017/early 2018
West Greendykes Road CDAPlanning permission in principle has been submitted for 350 homes, for future build in 2019/20. Negotiations on this site are ongoing, particularly in relation to providing the necessary road connections.
Winchburgh400 new homes recently completed or under construction. Construction started on the first phase of 7 new retail/commercial units. Detailed planning permission in place for a further 150 houses to be completed in the next two years and planning permission in principle granted for future phases of a further 2900 houses, town centre uses and infrastructure.
BangourPlanning application for permission in principle for 800 houses and listed building applications for the conversion of existing buildings to further new homes is with the DPEA reporters for consideration following a recent appeal hearing. A report will subsequently be referred to Scottish Ministers for the final decision on these applications.
More information about development in the area and the proposed West Lothian local plan can be obtained here:-    

Properties Available:

This section contains a list of properties currently available for lease (or purchase) in Broxburn and Uphall . Where possible we have included some overview information, links to detailed schedules and links to the handling agent or owner. If you have an interest in any of these properties please contact the agent or owner direct as we cannot provide any additional information, we have however already negotiated some incentives for most of them. Please note that we do try to keep the information below up to date, but we cannot be held responisble for innacurate, missing or incomplete details. Properties information shown on this page was last reviewed and updated on 15th March 2018.

For Lease:

PropertyUnit 1, Argyll Court, Broxburn, EH52 5EQ
Approx. Size295 sq ft
Annual Rent> £9,500
Incentives availableYes
Detailed ScheduleYes, download here:-    (PDF format).
Contact Smith Cole Wright, Glasgow. Tel. 0141 226 4061

PropertyUnit 5, Argyll Court, Broxburn, EH52 5EQ
Approx. Size632 sq ft
Annual Rent> £10,000
Incentives availableYes
Detailed ScheduleYes, download here:-    (PDF format).
Contact Smith Cole Wright, Glasgow. Tel. 0141 226 4061

Property63-67, East Main Street, Broxburn, EH52 5EE
Approx. Size16,178 sq ft (with options to sub-divide)
Annual Rent£100,000 (with options to sub-divide)
Incentives availableYes
Detailed ScheduleYes, download here:-    (PDF format).
Contact Eric Young & Co. Tel. 0131 226 2641

Property5, Greendykes Road, Broxburn, EH52 5AF
Approx. Size332 sq ft
Annual Rent£5,700
Incentives availableYes
Detailed ScheduleYes, download here:-    (PDF format).
Contact KnightBain, Broxburn. Tel. 01506 852000

Property21, Greendykes Road, Broxburn, EH52 5AF
Approx. Size314 sq ft
Annual Rent>£4,800
Incentives availableYes
Detailed ScheduleYes, download here:-    (PDF format).
Contact KnightBain, Broxburn. Tel. 01506 852000

Property29, East Main Street, Broxburn, EH52 5AE
Approx. Size332 sq ft
Annual Rent£4,600
Incentives availableN/A
Detailed ScheduleYes, download here:-    (PDF format).
Contact West Lothian Council (Niall McCabe) Tel. 01506 281824

Property46-48, East Main Street, Broxburn, EH52 5AE
Approx. Size765 sq ft
Annual Rent£14,000
Incentives availableYes
Detailed ScheduleYes, download here:-    (PDF format).
ContactDM Hall, Edinburgh. Tel. 0131 624 6130

For Sale:

Property60, East Main Street, Broxburn, EH52 5EG
Approx. Size1,062 sq ft
Asking PriceFixed price £85,000
Incentives availableYes
Detailed ScheduleYes, download here:-    (PDF format).
ContactGlen and Co., Glasgow. Tel. 0141 204 3255

Property37, Greendykes Road, Broxburn, EH52 5AF
Approx. Size584 sq ft
Asking PriceOffers over £65,000
Incentives availableN/A
Detailed ScheduleUse link to RGM below
ContactRGM, Linlithgow. Tel. 01506 847070

Property10, West Main Street, Broxburn, EH52 5RH
Approx. Size1106 sq ft
Asking PriceOffers over £140,000
Incentives availableN/A
Detailed ScheduleYes, download here:-    (PDF format).
ContactKnightBain, Broxburn. Tel. 01506 852000

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