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BUTA Shop Improvement Grants

Following a successful bid to the Town Centre Management Group, West Lothian Council has agreed that BUTA can keep the three existing grant schemes running. From 1st April 2018 all applications will now come to BUTA for processing, validation and if successful, payment.

These grants, unique to Broxburn and Uphall, cover the following areas:

Shop Front Improvement Scheme - 75% grant, maximum £750.
This will cover repairs, repainting, rebranding, enhanced signage etc.
See below for a list of frequently asked questions about Planning requirements.

Security Improvements "Shop Safe" Scheme - 75% grant, maximum £510.
This scheme covers free risk assessments, addition of a panic switch, installation of a new monitored alarm system, internal CCTV and a new panic app for 3G phones.

Solid Bare Metal Roller Shutter Replacement Scheme - 60% or 70% grant (type dependant), maximum £1,300.
Designed to allow supported replacement of solid bare metal roller shutters with a colour coated punched out shutter or wrought ironwork.

Full details of the three schemes and their application forms are contained within the revised download documents.

Please select the item you want to download then select 'File', 'Save As' or 'Print'.

Shop Front Improvement Scheme Introduction Letter
Shop Front Improvement Guidance (from WLC Planning Department)
Shop Front Improvement Scheme Application Form
Security Improvements "Shop Safe" Scheme Introduction Letter
Security Improvements "Shop Safe" Scheme Detail Letter (2018 update)
Security Improvements "Shop Safe" Scheme Application Form
Security Improvements- Help My Friend SOS App (iPhone) Instructions
Security Improvements- Help My Friend SOS App (Android) Instructions
Security Improvements- SWANN DRV4_1200 CCTV Specification
Security Improvements- "Shop Safe" Scheme Official Poster
Solid Bare Metal Roller Shutter Replacement Scheme Introduction Letter
Solid Bare Metal Roller Shutter Replacement Scheme Detail Letter
N.B. This is included for information only as the prices will have increased
Solid Bare Metal Roller Shutter Replacement Scheme Application Form

FAQ's related to planning requirements.

Q1. What does it cost for a simple planning application for a shop front change or improvement?
  £202 for the planning application and a further £80 if an advertisement is required. Advertising is only required if there is vacant undeveloped land next to the shop.
Q2. Can a shopkeeper furnish outline ideas to the Planning Office to find out if they need to apply for planning permission in the first place, or do they formally have to start a pre-application consultation process and what does this cost?
  A formal pre-application response for a shopfront application is £101, however if a shopkeeper, either in person or through BUTA, approaches the Council’s Business Gateway and asks them to make the query for them, there will be no fee.
Q3. What happens if someone makes a planning application and it is considered that planning permission is not required, are they charged the £202 fee?
  Whether a proposal is permitted development (PD) is checked at the validation stage. If something is PD and does not need permission the applicant will be notified and the fee refunded.
Q4. If a shopkeeper is repainting their front area and using the same colour do they need an application?
  If it’s a repair, i.e. a small patch of stonework or render which is being repaired and repainted, it wouldn’t require permission. If the entire shopfront is being repainted then planning permission is required if the shop is in a conservation area.
Q5. If a shopkeeper is repainting their front area and using a different colour but is a conservation area guidance colour do they need a planning application?
  If the site is within a Conservation Area (most of the streets will be) then Planning will need applications for a change of colour even if a guidance colour. The Linlithgow guidance actually specifies BS and RAL colours and gives a colour chart so this may be useful, a similar document for Broxburn and Uphall will be available shortly. If the building is not a listed building or in a Conservation Area, an application will not be required for painting the shopfront.
You can view the Linlithgow Guidance Colours applicable to Conservation Areas in a PDF document using this link Linlithgow Shop Front Planning Guidance
Q6. Is there a list or a map showing the Conservation Areas in Broxburn and Uphall?
  You can view a map which shows the Conservation Areas for Broxburn & Uphall (PDF document) using this link Broxburn & Uphall Conservation Areas Map
Q7. If a shopkeeper is replacing an existing sign (whether as a new tenant or just to replace their own worn one) with broadly the same construction/style/type of sign do they need an application?
  If the sign is the same size and materials no permission is required. If the size is changing and/or the materials are changing (from timber to plastic, for example) permission is required. If it’s not already illuminated and illumination is proposed, permission will be required.
Q8. If a new or replacement sign goes from flat or flat with raised letters to illuminated box or backlit lettering or projecting does that determine that an application would be required?
Q9. Given that the BUTA “solid bare metal roller shutter replacement grant” is attempting to get rid of the unwanted and unsightly shutters and we have shown the preferences in our grant detailed letter, would this need a planning application?
  If the new shutter housing is being taken internally and there will no longer be a projecting box then this will not need permission. If it is replacement of one box with another box then it will need permission. Also, if a new shutter is installed it will need permission if there was no shutter there before, unless the shutter is inside the glass.
Q10. The original West Lothian Council grant scheme and now the BUTA scheme makes a similar statement, "Applicants should check with Planning Services as early as possible whether a planning application and/or building warrant are required. If applications are required these will be prioritised; and the 75% maximum grant will be increased by £100 as a contribution to these costs." How can one check first? What does prioritised mean and how can that be delivered?
  If anyone is in doubt please email us at Prioritisation in this context means that the case officer will deal with the application as quickly as possible, even if there are other applications in the ‘queue’ in front of theirs.
Q11. Is the approach to charge a new shop owner two separate fees of £202 for a). Decorating shop front and b). Installing a sign on their shop correct?
  Planning fees are fixed by the Government and the council doesn’t have any discretion to waive them. These fees are applied as separate applications for Planning Consent and Advertising Consent.
The fees quoted and answers above were provided by West Lothian Council Planning Dept. May 2018.

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